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Think-Grow-Sustain Testimonials

Here is what some of our clients have said about our services recently..

Tobi is a highly dedicated and passionate professional with a strong sense of drive and purpose, who is aesthetically, spiritually, and creatively focused on excellent business outcomes for all stakeholders. He applies an entrepreneurial mindset and methodology, as a result of past business ventures, interests and studies, he is one of the few, merging art, business and engineering as a holistic craft. Clearly driven by values of trust and sustainability, Tobi can be counted on to deliver on his words and always to the benefit of the client.” September 27, 2009

Paul Bitetto , Principal, SMART Capital Funds
was with another company when working with Tobi at Think-Grow-Sustain

Tobi Nagy is great to work with, trustworthy and his work is well structured. Based on this, he works in true entrepreneurial spirit, offering a fantastic range of value not just limited to what he is supposed to do. Tobi is creative and resilient, does not give up easily and is an expert in his field of work.” March 9, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Bert Verhoeven, Proprietor, Kangaruni
hired Tobi as a Business Development Consultant in Publishing and Education in 2009

Tobi Nagy is a dedicated professional with strong insights in corporate governance and financial modeling” March 4, 2009

Cameron Ashton , Proprietor , HOH Enterprises Pty Ltd
was working with Tobi at Think-Grow-Sustain in 2008

“INNOVIC contracted Tobi in 2007/8 to undertake some commercialisation work for clients seeking help with new busness ideas. We found Tobi to be a creative and lateral thinker and able to provide some valuable assistance, particularly in the business planning and strategy areas.” July 27, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Joss Evans (CEO of INNOVIC)
hired Tobi as a Business Consultant in 2007-2008

“Tobi and I have often been recruited by the same organisation to provide services, based on our expertise. We have worked alongside each other, relying on each others strengths and knowledge to provide a seamless service for our clients. Tobi is professional, responsive and very well regarded by clients. He is easy to work with and communicates very well. Tobi is outcomes focussed and always gets the job done, to the satisfaction of the client. I have no hesitation in recommending that organisations seek his assistance.” July 26, 2010

Adrian Spencer , CEO, GrantReady

Tobi Nagy has a thorough understanding of the commercialisation process and has a very personable approach. I enjoy working with him” January 14, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Andrew McDougall, Business Development manager,Tricycle Developments
hired Tobi as a Business Consultant in 2008

Tobi Nagy has a clear understanding of the commercialisation process for new product development, and is competent in assisting companies in this area.” December 3, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Charles Hrubos , Proprietor, Nite-Glow Innovations
hired Tobi as a Business Consultant in 2007

Tobi Nagy and I have shared business relations as a partnership and working together in the development of business models whilst I had several L.J. Hooker real estate franchise's. His IT skills are exceptional together with his forward thinking which have resulted in the business developments provided to many companies” November 27, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Ian Barnabas,Director at Tourist Parks and Resorts Management Pty Ltd
hired Tobi as a Business Consultant in 1997 , and hired Tobi more than once

Tobi Nagy is remembered at the AGSE as a student who was innovative and highly entrepreneurial. He could always be relied on to recruit outstanding teams and produce good work.” November 27, 2008

Stephen Spring , Senior Teaching Fellow , Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship
taught Tobi at Swinburne University of Technology in 2007 & 2008.

"Tobi Nagy was pivotal in helping us to structure our thinking & create a strategic concept from our inspired vision. His mentoring style was warm & accessible & helped us to ground our ideas into a workable business".

Tanishka, Proprietor, Star of Ishtar
hired Tobi as a mentor in 2005

"Tobi Nagy, gave me the tools to help me launch my business, Temple of Eilish and make me the success I am today.

When I met him, I was simply Eilish, the healer and massage therapist. I had all the right qualifications but I didn't have the skills in business growth and in website development to steer the long term plans for this business into the reality of a temple realm with multiple services and internet accessibility.

I had the services but didn't know how to get the message out there to people searching for sacred priestess services including celebrancy.

Tobi helped me achieve that dream with a marketing plan. They developed a useful website for me, gave me tips on how to grown my business, worked on my business plan and with his expertise, turned my small business into the booming venture it is today.

I highly recommend Think-Grow-Sustain for Business Mentoring, Marketing and Business Development projects including website development, debt recovery, business plan design and mentoring as without him I'd still only be Eilish, the healer".

Eilish D'Avalon- Proprietor, Temple of Eilish
hired Tobi as a mentor in 2005

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