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Corporate Governance watchdog

Think-Grow-Sustain's Corporate Charter seeks to support enterprises that will contribute to one or more of the following:

  1. Production of high quality and properly presented products and services;
  2. Development of locally based ventures who have a global focus;
  3. Development of appropriate technological systems;
  4. Amelioration wasteful or polluting practices;
  5. Development sustainable land use and food production;
  6. Preservation of endangered eco-systems;
  7. Human happiness, dignity and education; and
  8. The dignity and well being of animals.

 Think-Grow-Sustain's Corporate Charter which states that we will avoid working with or supporting any enterprises that unnecessarily:
  1. Pollute land, air or water;
  2. Destroy or waste non-recurring resources;
  3. Extract, create, produce, manufacture, or market materials, products, goods or services which have a harmful effect on humans, non-human animals or the environment;
  4. Market, promote or advertise, products or services in a misleading or deceitful manner;
  5. Create markets by the promotion or advertising of unwanted products or services;
  6. Acquire land or commodities primarily for the purpose of speculative gain;
  7. Create, encourage or perpetuate militarism or engage in the manufacture of armaments;
  8. Entice people into financial over-commitment;
  9. Exploit people through the payment of low wages or the provision of poor working conditions;
  10. Discriminate by way of race, religion or sex in employment, marketing, or advertising practices; and
  11. Contribute to the inhibition of human rights generally.

Based on the Australian Ethical Charter (1989)
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