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about us

We are a globally focussed organisation that is working with the latest "Clean Technology" to help them successfully bring their opportunities into the maket place

We are setting up channels to work with entrepreneurs, governments, investors and to create new opportunities and solutions to climate change and Greenhouse Gases.

Our core competancies are:

• Entrepreneurial and start-up strategy development

• Venture Acceleration

•  Finance modelling

•  Structure and governance  

•  Deal negotiation and structuring

•  Investment sourcing

Green Planet

our philosophy

To work with people who are

  • Committed to making a difference in other people's lives;
  • Not just concerned with making a profit, but are also socially and environmentally responsible citizens;
  • The “best of breed” in their industries.

To work in industries which can make a beneficial impact on people's lives, either through

  • Improvement of their health, social welfare or environment
  • Reduce resource utilisation.

our mission

To provide a range of professional services, expertise and commitment that will allow clients to successfully commercialise innovations, ideas and/or technology that will help make our world a better place to live.

We do this by helping clients:

  • Develop Public-Private-Partnerships projects through government, councils,industry and other stakeholders;

  • Plan and develop their business models in order that they become investment ready, so they can attract the right investors and partners by creating value, through strategy, structure and governance to make their business profitable and ultimately help them build a sustainable competitive advantage;

  • Secure funds for investment in large scale projects.

Our Mission

our vision

  • To create a global capital market for sustainable products/services by creating a channel to bring together investees and investors;

  • To create an environment that will allow profitably trade with one another in a free and fair manner by remaining independent of religion and politics;

  • To work with talented and like minded people who are willing to share knowledge with all those who want to participate without the fear of retribution, by those who choose not to understand or involve themselves;

  • To establish a peaceful community based on the belief that there are plenty of resources for all, for now and the future, if we reduce our current demand and take regard for our future needs;

  • To understand ourselves and our needs in a holistic manner that realises the greatness of man and his divinity within the universe;

  • To acknowledge the unity of mankind by understanding and caring for our brothers and sisters by recognising that they too have needs and rights equal to our own;

  • To bring compassion, humility and respect to nature and all sentient beings;

  • To maintain a balanced life and not to take to the forces of extremism.
Our vision
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